Bluebell Cottage Sustainability Policy

At Bluebell Cottage our aim is to be as sustainable as possible, so that our impact on our immediate and the more general environment is kept to the absolute minimum.

First of all, the cottage is constructed from sustainable wood from Scandinavia, with a very high standard of insulation plus triple glazed windows. This means that it retains heat after the heating is switched off thus reducing electricity usage. LED lighting is used throughout.

We use eco friendly cleaning products as much as possible and these are provided for use by our guests. We refill from a local shop, thus minimising plastic waste. We encourage our guests to use the recycling bin, providing them with separate bags for this purpose, and the general rubbish bags are compostable.

We also give our guests the opportunity to contribute to our sustainability by providing them with a small container for food waste which we use to make compost for our vegetables and flowers.

Finally, we never use harmful pesticides or herbicides either in the cottage garden or the surrounding area, including our own garden and the parking lot. This has enabled us to create a safe haven for bees, butterflies, other insects and birds.